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If you believe in a cause, be willing to stand up for that cause with a million people or by yourself.

- Otis S. Johnson

The stronger you cling to your armor of indifference, the more it strips you of your humanity.

- Abhijit Naskar



  • Provide or support community events to educate the community members on BLM and indigenous movements 

  • Work with other businesses, community organizations, and schools to facilitate further education

  • Continue to generate initiatives to raise money for charities


  • Create a dedicated time slot in the weekly team meeting for discussion of a chosen article, video or other resource related to racism and inequity

  • Create an advisory board to hold regular review sessions of the action plan and keep us accountable

  • Upkeep training opportunities and ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to get it and stay fresh 

  • Revise employee feedback form questions to include metrics such as belongingness that were previously overlooked


  • Lay out best practices and guidance for NPX staff conducting interviews  

  • Increase diversity with job boards or career fair/events that we attend  


  • Hiring challenge sessions (once candidate is shortlisted, arrange for an independent challenge on the decision making) 

  • Create more opportunities in the candidate pipeline by raising awareness, educating candidates in various high schools, colleges etc.  



  • Get Bruce County into a place where issues are being talked about in media such as newspaper articles and radio interviews

  • Find out what events are happening in the community and participate in them


  • Create social programs to assist different types of communities (Indigenous, etc.) 

  • Engage with local MPs and start conversations

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