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With Mod-X, organizations can efficiently manage their engineering change control processes, and ensure plant configuration changes are seamless, tracked, and continuously improving.

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Core Value

The Problem

Engineers must follow a large, complex procedure to understand specifically which tasks to complete in the engineering change control procedure for their facility. The procedure is typically multi-layered and leads to different answers based on selections with some underlying business logic. This leads to human-performance errors, lack of focus on the technical aspects of engineering change control, and procedural burdens and inefficiencies in verification, auditing, continuous improvement, and compliance.

The Solution

Mod-X is a modular application-based approach to work through the Engineering Change Control process within a single, user friendly, and automated platform that removes administrative burden. It enables engineers to focus on the core engineering challenge by guiding them through the logic-based question and answer portion of the procedure and process.  Since every organization has different procedural requirements and tasks that must be completed, Mod-X is built to adapt to any hierarchy of steps, information, and procedural requirements. 

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