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Ignite Your Career

Launch your career at Nuclear Promise X

Start your professional career with the NPX. We understand the importance of your first steps

post-graduation, and our program is designed to offer you exceptional opportunities to grow, innovate, and make a significant impact in the nuclear industry.

At NPX, we believe in cultivating talent through diverse experiences and continuous learning.

Our New Grad Rotation Program is designed to provide you with the foundation and opportunities needed to thrive in the nuclear industry.


Your Journey Begins Here

You'll start your journey at NPX with an assigned role, working closely with a team lead.


Typically, you'll remain in this position for about 6 months or until the project reaches a natural break.


This initial period allows you to immerse yourself in a specific area, gaining deep expertise and making meaningful contributions.


Empowering Your Future

How to Join NPX as a New Grad

1. Internship

NPX typically recruits students for three work terms: Winter (January - April), Spring (May - August), and Fall (September - December). We also offer 1-year work term opportunities.


Start your journey as an intern, impress NPX with your passion and great work, and secure a new grad position. We will wait for you to return to NPX as a new grad.

2. Direct Application

You can apply directly to our New Grad Program through our career page when relevant roles are open.


If you don’t see any open positions that match your interests but still want to join NPX, apply to our "Innovation Catalyst" job posting to express your interest.


New Grad Interview Process

At NPX, we are committed to making our interview process straightforward and transparent, valuing efficiency and clarity. For new graduates looking to join our team, here’s how the process works:







We’re excited to meet the future talent of NPX who are not only talented but also passionate about making a difference. Good luck with your application and interview, and remember to be yourself!


Embark on a career path with NPX that offers more than just a job. Join us, and become part of a community that’s driving innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the nuclear sector. Your journey with NPX is just beginning, and the possibilities are endless.

Hear from our New Grads!

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