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Bruce Power Seeks Innovation with Ontario Start-Up Company

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Bruce Power signed an agreement with Nuclear Promise X (NPX), an Ontario-based nuclear innovation start-up to support the Major Component Replacement (MCR) Program. “Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Bruce Power,” said Jeff Phelps, Vice-President, Major Projects. “Our partnership with NPX will ensure we’re finding and applying the top innovations from the nuclear community and beyond.” NPX will support Bruce Power’s initiative to source and implement innovative improvements for MCR, starting with the Unit 3 outage which begins in 2023. "We’ve kicked off this collaboration with the launch of our MCR Innovation Initiative,” says Kyle Cherrett, MCR Unit 3 Senior Program Manager. “We’re challenging internal experts, nuclear vendors, as well as universities and other post-secondary institutions to find unique ways to condense the Unit 3 outage cost and schedule.” “NPX is grateful to Bruce Power for creating the environment where a start-up like ours can contribute by delivering real innovations,” said Bharath Nangia, NPX President and CEO. The Major Component Replacement Program will extend the life of the Bruce site until 2064 and ensure Bruce Power nuclear continues to provide low-cost electricity for families and businesses for years to come. The MCR Innovation Initiative will be accepting entries until July 6, 2018. About Nuclear Promise X Nuclear Promise X is a Canadian startup with a refreshing view on innovation. We integrate the latest emerging technology into nuclear plant operations, projects and processes. As a group of creative nuclear professionals, we build innovation in everything we do. NPX believes in nuclear energy, and we are doing our part to make it sustainable for decades to come. Visit us at CONTACTS Nuclear Promise X President & CEO Bharath Nangia

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