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Process Apps

With rapidly developed, enterprise level low code development, our team helps businesses simplify, automate, and digitize their process across a range of business functions.  

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Core Value

The Problem

Businesses have many processes evolve but largely remained paper based. Over time, some of these processes become burdensome and lead to significant administrative effort. Custom built applications would solve many of these problems, but development timelines and effort have historically been lengthy and expensive. 

The Solution

Our team uses low code/no code tools, along with our ability to build enterprise grade applications and our deep understanding of business processes to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications to modernize your business. 

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Areas we Support



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Maintenance & Operations

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The NPX Solution

Project Management

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PMIS - Project Management Information System

A comprehensive suite of tools for project lifecycle management from project initiation and planning to execution and change order management and more. 

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Project Controls Applications

A suite of tools to oversee and report on cost, schedule, forecasts and more for enterprise projects from the task and deliverable level up to the portfolio level, and track action items, risks, and more to ensure successful project delivery. 

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The NPX Solution



Stakeholder Review Application

Enables users to collaborate on deliverable reviews seamlessly with stakeholders, approvers, and design authorities. This application provides notification of comments and responses in real-time to increase the efficiencies of reviews and ensures that all comments are adequately dispositioned and resolved prior to final acceptance leading to higher quality deliverables with lower rework. The application also generates KPIs on reviews such as average length of review per deliverable type which helps drive process efficiencies. 

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Engineering Change Task Checker

Allows your engineering change preparers, verifiers, and approvers to validate engineering change scope against governing procedures and requirements. This ensures that the right information is included the first time in the Enterprise Asset Management system and the scope of the engineering change is fully realized.

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Risk Informed Change Application

Identify associated risks with an engineering change in key areas such as nuclear, environmental, employee safety, etc. and develop mitigations and control measures that are right sized to the engineering change scope

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The NPX Solution

Supply Chain

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Material Demand Health

An analytical dashboard tool to monitor the health of material requests, enabling supply chain, to proactively resolve gaps in requests and ensure a healthy supply chain process and well planned execution of online and outage work. 


The NPX Solution

Maintenance & Operations

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Supply and Demand

Identify the gap between available resources to complete maintenance work, and the demand of work to be completed. Manage the balance between supply and demand the resource balancing methods like overtime and cross facility resource transfers. 


Operations Overtime Management

Manage overtime and shift coverage scheduling while taking into account fair and equitable distribution of opportunities, appropriate qualification management, and approval workflows. 

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The NPX Solution


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Board Risk Reporting

Report aggregate business risks to different levels of executives and board members, manage completion of reports, and ensure timely collection of inputs and stakeholder review. 


Audit Check Application

A centralized tool for auditors to create and share audit checklists, monitor ongoing audits, and track audit items to completion. 

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