Everyone has a seat at the table. Your opinion matters.


We are not fans of bureaucracy. Let's get it done. Be Fearless.

Our clients expect the best from us. We expect the same from each other.


Yes, we work hard. But we also value time off. We offer our employees unlimited vacation time, because we trust that our people plan work and meet their commitments. 

A travel bonus is part of the compensation package.


We give our staff time off to participate in charity events or causes that are important to them.


As an NPX employee, this is expected of you.


Our Basic Rules:

Women do not get paid less than men.

We create a culture of equality.

We celebrate and support the unique identities of our people.

We are hiring!

We want you to be our next Nuclear Innovation Catalyst.


Want to know what it takes to work with us?

The Role:
Nuclear Innovation Catalyst

Job Location: Kincardine, Ontario


As an innovation catalyst at NPX your primary focus will be to make innovation happen. We will challenge you to think differently and work differently. You will lead projects to source, implement, and integrate innovative technologies to make things better at nuclear power plants.


You will be part of the NPX family, a team that is driven by the excitement of building technologies, inventing products, and providing services that change lives and give back to our community.



Is NPX right for you? 

  • Do you have an intellectual curiosity that causes you to explore, experiment and build? 

  • Do you like working with cutting edge technology to find solutions or opportunities that push up the innovation curve? 

  • Do you enjoy working in an open-concept start-up environment where collaboration, diversity, and knowledge sharing are key values?

  • Are you seriously passionate about giving back and supporting your community?



What you’ll do:

  • Develop and lead innovation projects;

  • Research new technologies and potential applications in the Nuclear Industry;

  • Prepare capital justifications for new technology;

  • Lead technical advancement projects, resource, and build internal support teams; 

  • Continually incorporate lessons learned into new procedures and future designs;

  • Work with nuclear engineers and other stakeholders to implement projects;

  • Host or participate in hackathons and workshops aimed at process simplification, automation, and technology implementation;

  • Lead initiatives to support charitable causes.



What you’ll bring:

  • A bachelors or advanced degree. We welcome diversity and encourage candidates from all educational backgrounds to apply;

  • A passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology (e.g. machine learning, artificial Intelligence, API design and infrastructure concepts);

  • Enthusiasm and experience working in a team environment;

  • Experience working in or managing project teams;

  • Big picture thinking;

  • A fearless and creative mind;

  • Experience with data analytics and visualization platforms;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

  • While experience working in the nuclear industry is preferred it is not a prerequisite for this role.


To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume to 


NPX is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Accordingly, we will make reasonable accommodations to respond to the needs of people with disabilities in accordance with legislation.

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647 892 6112

NPX Office:

819 Queen St

Kincardine, ON, N2Z 2Y2

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