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Saving the world requires you

We've hit Earth's mission critical

Our world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, and at NPX, we believe that nuclear power is the solution to the climate crisis.


Through radical candor, we acknowledge the need for sustainable energy solutions. Embracing "Day 1 Today," mentality, we approach each moment with determination to innovate and lead in the nuclear energy sector. By blowing customers' minds with our dedication to safety, sustainability, and efficiency, we demonstrate our commitment to doing good things for our planet and our communities.


The Future Needs Nuclear, and together, we're just getting started. 

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Life at NPX

We're serious about saving the future together.

Here's how we make sure that of that:

Flexibility: We have always had a flexible work environment and want to enable NPXers to work at home, in our offices in Whitby and Kincardine, and at client sites when it makes sense to do so.

Most of our role are Hybrid with most days working from home, and visiting client sites when necessary. We have never forced an office mandate as we want to empower our employees to work in the way that is best for them.


We move at the pace of the future

Students/New Grads: At NPX, students and new grads are afforded the same responsibilities and freedoms as our full-time employees, with extra guidance and support from their managers as required. Our aim is to help students/new grads enter the workforce as prepared as possible. We impress upon students/new grads from day one that their voices are just as important as those who have been in the industry for decades; as an innovation company, hearing out new perspectives and trying new ways of doing things is a crucial step toward modernizing the nuclear industry.


Imagine the Possibilities

Where do you come in?

Innovation Mindset

Suggests new ways of doing things better, and actively participates in innovation projects (known as x-projects).

Ownership Mindset

Embodies accountability, delivers what was promised, actively mentoring others, engages in NPX culture - what we call a cultural co-founder!

Customer-Obsessed Mindset

Blow customers' minds with a trusting relationship, outstanding performance, customer service, delivery, and high quality.

Safety Mindset

Prioritizes safety for self and others - nuclear and conventional safety, mental health and wellbeing.

Growth Mindset

Takes initiative by setting the vision for their projects or portfolio, continuously seeks learning opportunities to enhance themselves and their work.

Community Mindset

Leads community initiatives and is actively involved in community meetings, participates in other peoples' events and ideas and encourages others.



Start shaping the future today

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