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What You Will Do

What You Will Need

The Hiring Process

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Research new technologies and potential applications in the Nuclear Industry.

Develop and lead innovation projects.

Work with nuclear engineers and other stakeholders to implement projects.

Prepare capital justifications for new technology.


Lead technical advancement projects, resource, and build internal support teams.

Lead initiatives to support charitable causes.

Host or participate in hackathons and workshops aimed at process simplification, automation, and technology implementation.

Continually incorporate lessons learned into new procedures and future designs.

A bachelors or advanced degree.


We welcome diversity and encourage candidates from all educational backgrounds to apply.

Experience working in or managing project teams.

Big picture thinking.

Experience with data analytics and visualization platforms.

Enthusiasm and experience working in a team environment with a fearless and creative mind.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills;.

A passion for innovation and cutting edge technology (e.g. machine learning, artificial Intelligence, API design and infrastructure concepts).

While experience working in the nuclear industry is preferred, it is not a prerequisite for this role.


We know navigating hiring processes can seem overwhelming and ambiguous, but at NPX we provide clear information and resources for all candidates. Our goal is to create transparency and empowerment for all.


We care deeply about our teams and the people who make them up. This includes building a more inclusive and representative workplace, and that begins with hiring. We know great products are built with diverse teams, perspectives and experiences.


How it Works:

Hiring Process

Self-reflection: Before applying we encourage you to think about what you’re passionate about (what you envision for yourself in your career) and why you would be a good fit for our team. Before you start applying, ask yourself a few of these questions:


  • Do you have an intellectual curiosity that drives you to explore, experiment and build?

  • Do you like working with new technologies in finding solutions or opportunities to push up the innovation curve?

  • Do you enjoy working in an open-concept environment, and self-driven start-up mentality where collaboration, openness/diversity, and knowledge sharing are key values?

  • Are you deeply passionate about giving back to others and supporting your community?


As a whole, we hire based on skill, passion, diverse experience and unique perspective. We want to make sure there is a meaningful fit and that we’re the team that takes you to where you want to go in your career.

Apply On-line: If all the above (metaphorical) boxes are checked for you, we’d love to connect!

Please send your resume to


We’d love to see how you showcase how your skills and experience demonstrate your ability to innovate, work with a team. If you're a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include school-related projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge.

What to Expect

Interview Process

So you’ve got an interview! Wonderful!


While the process may differ slightly for different roles or teams, the same basics apply whether you’re applying for a tech job, engineering role, an internship or a leadership position.


Below are some ways we assess candidates in our hiring process:


Short virtual chats: Before diving into more in-depth interviews, you’ll typically have one or two shorter conversations over the phone or video call, either with a recruiter and then with a hiring manager or peer on the NPX team. We’ll talk about the role, assess key skills needed and answer any questions you may have.


In-depth interviews: We get excited about interviewing and take it seriously. Our process involves an in-depth interview with 3-4 members of our leadership team. This friendly and warm experience gives you the opportunity to get to know us better too.


We’re guided by our goal of creating an equitable and inclusive experience where candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds have an opportunity to succeed. In the end, we want above all to assess your skills and see if you and this role are a match.


We conduct our interviews using these guiding lights:


Project work: We sometimes ask candidates to complete a small project prior to or after their in-depth interviews. This helps us understand how you think and approach problems. The mini projects could range from prepping a case study to providing writing or code samples (don’t stress, they’re not that scary and we won’t spring this on you without warning). We’ll let you know about any additional materials we’ll need early on.


Structured interviewing: Every candidate is assessed using clear rubrics. We use rubrics for everyone being considered for a particular role - this ensures everyone is evaluated from the same perspective allowing their distinctiveness to emerge.


Open-ended questions: We ask open-ended questions to learn how you solve problems. We want to understand how your mind works, how you interact with a team, and what your strengths are.

Decision and Offer:

After the hiring process is done we bring everything together to create a picture from your application, your interview and review it all.


If we decide that you’re the best candidate for the role, we will reach out (yah!), give you an offer and will walk you through compensation, including your benefits package and get you onboarded as an innovation catalyst.

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