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NPX completes N299.1 QA Audit, Launches Design Engineering Services

NPX is thrilled to announce the launch of our Nuclear Design Engineering service offering. Our Quality Assurance Program has recently passed an N299.1 audit by Bruce Power enabling our team to expand our innovative services and continue our mission to make nuclear power generation more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable for many years to come.

Why implement an N299.1 QA program?

NPX has demonstrated our ability to integrate innovative solutions into nuclear plant design and operations. To date, our team has supported programmatic and process improvements such as digital transformation, project management, online monitoring, and maintenance optimization. We have invested in implementing a nuclear QA Program because:

  1. This will enable us to provide more comprehensive solutions to our customers,

  2. Scale the rapid and cost-effective deployment of new technologies, and

  3. Realize our vision to transform how design engineering work is done in the industry.

“We are excited to 10x our impact and help to support our client’s goal of operational excellence through this new service offering”, said Bharath Nangia (Chief Innovation Catalyst at NPX). “We are celebrating the tremendous efforts of our QA and Engineering teams that have brought us to this milestone."

NPX has a strong innovation culture and problem-solving mindset, and this capability will enable us to apply it in even more ways. We're just getting started!

We are committed to building a strong, diverse and multidisciplinary team. If you are passionate about solving the climate crisis, please consider joining our mission:

About NPX

NPX is a quickly scaling innovation company that partners with nuclear utilities to integrate new ideas, technologies and solutions into nuclear power plant projects and operations. NPX believes in the pivotal role that nuclear energy plays in the fight against climate change and acts as an “innovation catalyst” to make nuclear power sustainable for decades to come.

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