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AtomiX - The Nuclear Parts Marketplace (Coming Soon)

With AtomiX, Nuclear Power Plants have seamless access to important components and supplies from trusted vendors with no ambiguity on specifications, costs, and lead times.


Core Value

The Problem

Design Engineering, Supply Chain, and Vendors typically spend 3-6 months iterating to source new components, parts, and supplies.

The Solution

A digital marketplace connecting utilities and vendors that reduces the churn spent finding the right part.

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The NPX Solution


Buying parts shouldn't be hard. AtomiX makes it easy. Decide with your engineering team what you want, search for it on AtomiX, and click "Buy."

That's it!

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Digital Search & Comparison

It’s not enough to find generic parts and suppliers. Every engineering change, maintenance request, and replacement has specific technical requirements. AtomiX allows you to search as many times with as many filters as you want without having to deal with communication delays until you find the exact part, component, or service you are looking for. AtomiX also allows you to easily compare between similar parts to identify what the minute technical differentiations are, allowing you to perform equivalency evaluations with ease.

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Detailed Analytics

For utilities, AtomiX can integrate with your EAM systems to keep track of the parts you need, integrate with your engineering and work management workflows to identify upcoming work, and ensure your supply chain remains robust and minimize unplanned wait time.

For vendors and manufacturers, AtomiX can help you understand your customer data and ensure that your product and service offering meets the needs of customers proactively.

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Approved Suppliers

AtomiX makes it easy for utilities to source parts from their approved vendors by allowing results filtering to only approved vendors. For vendors and manufacturers, AtomiX makes it clear which utilities you are approved to supply parts to and which one you are not yet qualified for, as well as the qualification process and guidelines for the utilities so you can jump start your Approved Supplier Qualification process.

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