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NPX awarded 5 year contract for Innovative Project Management services to OPG

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

NPX has been awarded a 5-year contract with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to provide innovative project management services at Pickering and Darlington. OPG is one of the largest, most diverse clean power producers in North America.

In support of OPG’s vision of operational excellence, NPX will provide PM support for a variety of projects within OPG's portfolios. This includes nuclear plant modifications, nuclear infrastructure projects, the development and delivery of advanced inspection tools, and non-nuclear infrastructure support.

NPX is a nuclear innovation start-up that partners with nuclear utilities to integrate new ideas, technologies and solutions into nuclear power plant projects and operations. “At NPX we believe in a nuclear industry where projects draw on the best talent across vendors and utilities, integrate project management tools and technology, and combine the discipline and attention to detail of strong project management with a start‐up mindset of agility and perseverance,” said Bharath Nangia, President and Chief Innovation Catalyst at NPX. “NPX was formed with the mission of promoting new ways of thinking and bringing that start‐up mindset to collaboration in the nuclear sector. Even early in our journey, we have proven that this model works.”

NPX believes in the pivotal role that nuclear energy plays in the fight against climate change and acts as an “innovation catalyst” to make nuclear power even more sustainable for decades to come. The team is excited to bring their innovation mindset to OPG projects.

About NPX

Nuclear Promise X (NPX) is a Canadian start-up with a refreshing view on innovation. We integrate the latest emerging technology into nuclear plant operations, projects and processes. As a group of creative nuclear professionals, we build innovation in everything we do. NPX believes in nuclear energy, and we are doing our part to make it sustainable for decades to come.

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